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that actually the keiser family foundation website gives better explains than the government's. >> okay. the keiser family foundation? >> foundation website. >> uh-huh. >> >> uh-huh. >> we love the keiser family foundation. and that is an excellent website. i know that one. >> yes. >> what else would you think, if you're sitting on this side as a consumer whereas you're a healthcare provider, as a physician, what is the most important thing a consumer needs to know? about this plan? >> one thing they need to know is that there are limitations that actually courages really loved. people who have flexible savings accounts, their health savings account have more limitations on those. >> uh. >> to raise tax dollars to pay for the other things. >> right. >> that new health savings accounts can't be used to buy over-the-counter medications. >> aha. >> and there is a dollar limit on flexible savings accounts that used to be limited. >> okay. >> and income tax wise, it used to be that you can deduct your medical expenses at a lower tax rate. now, you have to spend 10% of your income in
administrators met on monday to discuss a plan. the government wants to take money from their citizens to help with the troubled financial system in the country. lawmakers are expected tvote on the package on tuesday. the proposal to take money directly from peoples accounts have never been done before. markets around the world fell up here in london, but opened up with a triple drop. >> it sort of goes with the primal fear of people that will protect their nest egg for the future. and that it will disappear. >> reporter: it is leading to their demonstrations across the country as they popped the bulldozer outside the bank in protest. and the level of anger is only expected to grow the government approves that bailout deal. for cbs news, london. >> and now the anger is not limited to the account holders. but today, they personally denounced a tax plan. russians have about $19 billion in deposits here. much of that will be sought to launder the money stashed away by the corrupt russian officials. >>> and the preparations for the pope francis, it is the inaugural mass underway right now at the
name. >> government bullying and corruption revealed in an investigation. how two long time bay area city heeders are accused -- leaders are accused of abusing their power. >>> how a smashed up cadillac might be the key to a murder mystery hundreds of miles away. >>> and evacuation at this bay area park. >>> good evening. >> two hong time oakland city council members are facing corruption allegations that could cost them their jobs. cbs 5's dah lin says they tried to steer a lucrative city contract to their person of choice. >> reporter: city staff was forced to work with construction companies they favored. >> it's problematic to know that employees are being coerced. >> reporter: councilwomen libra committed the most violations, a dozen. >> one council member who repeats and repeats and repeats violating the law. >> reporter: her investigation shows brooks and councilman larry reed directed city employees to work with a specific contractor on the oakland army base demolition project. worth about $2 million. >> in no way did i violate the city charter. >> reporter: reed calls the fi
. the government wants to remove the oysters and return the area to wilderness. the ruling allows the farm to stay open until a hearing to appeal that decision in may. mr. obama arrived at joint andrews in maryland, j >>> president obama is back home. he arrived in maryland a few hours ago after visiting idrail, the west bank -- israel, the west bank, and jordan. but it wasn't all business. the president managed to do some history-minute sight-seeing before he left. >> reporter: president obama, the tourist, walked through the ancient city of petra in jordan. >> spectacular. >> reporter: in iman, he met with king abdullah, and announced he's working to deliver an additional $200 million in aid to help jordan care for the more than 460,000 refugees. >> the sight of children and women being slaughtered that we've seen so much i think has to compel all of us to say what more can we do? >> reporter: president obama spent the first three days of his mid-east visit here in israel. he reaffirmed his commitment to the country's security and sat down through several meetings with prime minister benjamin n
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4